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  • " I really like Grisly, but Peef is my favorite! "

    Chris P.

  • " I purchased the Claremont & was super satisfied with it. One of/if not my favorite e-juice I've tried! "

    Michael M.

  • " Welp.. I came back, this time i purchased the Peef Lumgar, and once again totally satisfied. "


  • " Peef is my favorite! "

    Shaye R.

  • " I've had them all and they're great. "

    James B.

  • " Peef is the best in my opinion. "

    Alec S.

  • " The Bare Bones Claremont juice is the best tasting - fruity - love it! "


  • " I really like the mint chocolate chip juice, I get it all the time. It's one of my favorites and for the price of a 120 ml bottle you can't beat it! "


  • " I love the Bare Bones line of e-liquid. Peef Lumgar is my favorite. The price is outstanding for the 120 ml bottle! "


  • " I really like the various flavors of the Bare Bones line. The price is very reasonable and the flavor is good. "


  • " The Bare Bones line of juice is the best. Great flavor and great prices! It's the bomb. "


  • " Bare Bones has always been my every day vape since the first time I tried it. Great taste for an affordable price!!! "