Bare Bones is just that, the bare bones.

A high quality e-juice without the fancy extras!

Bare Bones believes in substance over image. Rather than spending a fortune on advertising, imaging, overly expensive labeling and packaging, we put the money where it matters: the juice. Using top-shelf quality ingredients, we've developed a line of e-juice to please the most scrutinizing vaper.

Killer Sweets is our answer to sweetener.

To sweeten or not to sweeten?

With so many juice companies that add sweeteners to their juice, the question becomes is it necessary? Sweeteners do as the name suggests, sweetens juice. They can enhance the flavor of your e-liquid if done in moderation. With that being said, sweeteners can also mask that taste of cheaper, lower quality ingredients. E-juice can be broken down in to the basics ingredients: VG and/ or PG, flavorings and nicotine. When using lower quality nicotine, you can get a mild aftertaste which can easily be covered up by adding sweeteners. The same will happen with low quality flavor extracts.

We did sweetener right by adding small amounts to enhance our high quality ingredients! You get great flavor that is enhanced, not covered up. Killer Sweets is carefully crafted to allow for a longer coil life span than your typical sweetened juices.

Ohio, our first line with salt nicotine.

The closest cigarette-like vaping experience.

We were inspired by our own backyards. Each flavor is named after things that you will experience living in or visiting Ohio.

Salt nicotine is a different way to enjoy your vaping experience. The nicotine is processed to remove the harsh throat hit you would get at high levels of traditional nicotine. This allows us to create higher nicotine strengths for people who want to vape less frequently with the same results. Salt nicotine is to be used in devices with a 15 watt maximum.

Some of the benefits of salt nicotine include:

  • Closest cigarette-like vaping experience
  • Made for easy-to-use devices
  • Higher nicotine levels allow for less use of device and juice
"I really like Grisly, but Peef is my favorite!" - Chris P.
"I purchased the Claremont & was super satisfied with it. One of/if not my favorite e-juice I've tried" - Michael M.
"Welp.. I came back, this time i purchased the Peef Lumgar, and once again totally satisfied."
"Peef is my favorite!" - Shaye R.
"I've had them all and they're great." - James B.
"Peef is the best in my opinion." - Alec S.
"The Bare Bones Claremont juice is the best tasting - fruity - love it!" - Marsha
"I really like the mint chocolate chip juice, I get it all the time. It's one of my favorites and for the price of a 120 ml bottle you can't beat it" - T.J.
"I love the Bare Bones line of e-liquid. Peef Lumgar is my favorite. The price is outstanding for the 120 ml bottle" - Shaye
"I really like the various flavors of the Bare Bones line. The price is very reasonable and the flavor is good." - Maw
"The Bare Bones line of juice is the best. Great flavor and great prices! It's the bomb" - April
"Bare Bones has always been my every day vape since the first time I tried it. Great taste for an affordable price!!!" - Robert